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Sometimes litigation is necessary to enforce or protect your rights. Civil litigation involves a legal dispute between two or more parties who are seeking money damages or specific performance, rather than criminal penalties. Civil litigation encompasses a broad range of disputes such as consumer claims (e.g. Telephone Consumer Protection Act), business disputes, breach of contract actions, foreclosure defense, quiet title actions, personal injury, no-fault auto claims, landlord/tenant matters, real estate disputes, adversary proceedings in bankruptcy, and various tort claims.

Litigation in Michigan is regulated by Michigan’s statutory and common law, and by the Michigan Court Rules. The statutes and common law define the available causes of action while the Michigan Court Rules provide the procedures that litigants must follow once their case is filed with the courts. The processes and procedures involved in civil court cases can be daunting to an inexperienced participant. There are numerous stages that may be encountered during a lawsuit including investigation, pleadings, discovery (e.g. depositions), pre-trial, trial, and appeal. Civil litigation frequently involves alternative dispute mechanisms such as case evaluation, mediation, facilitation, or arbitration. The lifespan of a lawsuit can range from several months to several years. Litigation success requires a strong understanding of both the substantive law underlying a claim or defense and the procedural rules that govern a particular cause of action.

Whether you are a plaintiff or defendant, a skilled trial lawyer can be invaluable in nearly any type of litigation. The attorneys at Peterson & Calunas, PLLC possess the abilities necessary to succeed. Our attorneys have a vast knowledge of the substantive and procedural law in our areas of practice, strong written and verbal advocacy skills, and exceptional analytical and logical reasoning abilities. We are experienced negotiators and strive to keep up with the very latest legal research techniques, software and resources.

Our litigation attorneys have a proven track record of success. We have handled cases in local, state and federal courts throughout Michigan. We have successfully represented and defended clients against individuals, companies, financial institutions, government sponsored entities, and municipal corporations. Our attorneys are highly respected for outstanding advocacy, diligent preparation, and optimal results for our clients. We focus on developing the most effective, cost-effective strategy for each case. We take a personal approach to each matter and fight aggressively for our client’s best interests.

Your life does not stop when you are involved in litigation. Our goal is to thoroughly handle your litigation, allowing you to continue on with your life. From start to finish, you can be confident that we will aggressively protect and enforce your rights to obtain the best outcome. If you need advice or representation with respect to pending or potential litigation, please contact us at (248) 457-6000.