Landlord/Tenant Matters

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Issues involving landlord/tenant law often arise unexpectedly and can be complex and time consuming. For tenants, these issues can be especially disruptive when it involves their residence. Oftentimes, a breakdown in the landlord/tenant relationship can be avoided if the parties are aware of their rights and obligations and understand the implications of their actions. This is where we come in.

There are many proactive steps that can be taken by both landlords and tenants to help ensure a harmonious relationship. A well-drafted lease agreement should clearly set forth each party’s rights and responsibilities, aimed at eliminating uncertainty if an issue does arise. Both landlords and tenants are generally well-advised to use inventory checklists and to document the condition of the property at both the commencement and termination of the lease. Clear and continuous communication before, during, and after a tenancy is key to avoiding problems.

Of course, disputes sometimes are unavoidable. If a resolution cannot be reached between the parties, our attorneys have the knowledge and skill to provide our clients with the most effective representation in court. We have successfully handled all types of landlord/tenant cases in courts throughout Michigan.

Our attorneys know how to protect the rights of landlords and tenants in Michigan. We provide services and representation related to drafting and review of lease agreements, evictions, summary proceedings, non-payment of rent, security deposits, repairs and maintenance, property damage, insect infestation, illegal lockouts, escrow, lease termination, subleasing, assignment of leases, fixtures, and the effect of foreclosure on tenants.